State of the Union – Updated 8/29/2023


Due to many factors, the United States changed significantly on Jan 20, 2021. This blog is intended to guide dialog regarding survivability of this change. Dialog, previously about attempts to justify or deny these factors of destruction, shifts to questions of survivability. Due to the complexity and interaction of these factors, a systems approach is helpful in forecasting timing and severity of the destruction of America for the purpose of survival. While the Left intends for events to be so numerous and overwhelming, Christians the likes of Men of Issachar can lead us to relative safety during this time of upheaval. We can hope the Left will eventually undergo a final phase of self destruction else we see the Second Coming in our lifetime. American Marxism by Levin and Disintegration by Martyanov have proven invaluable in understanding the meticulous destruction of America, forecasting disaster, and planning survival as well as closely paralleling this blog. Authority of the Court and Peril of Politics by Stephen Breyer was released today (9/14/2021). Even the intro is laden with insight. “The Court’s power, like that of any tribunal, must depend on the public’s willingness to respect its decisions. The Court is without its own means to enforce its views directly, being reliant for this on the executive.” Biden recently stated “we” are losing patience. “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.” Plan for the worst. Hope and pray for the best.


  1. Priorities

  2. HatersDestruction of America

  3. Riots – BLM, Antifa

  4. Media

  5. Defund vs Crime

  6. Deficit and Debt and Finance

  7. Employment

  8. Power – Elections, all branches, military, police

  9. 1st Amendment

  10. 2nd Amendment

  11. Borders & Indigenous Land

  12. Crises – Real & Imagined, War

  13. Shortages & Outages

  14. Surveillance

  15. Vocabulary & Cancel Culture

  16. Education

  17. Marxism

  18. Sexuality

  19. Presidential Dementia

  20. Foreign Policy

  21. Comedy

  22. Currency & Crypto

  23. Perspective


War demands a prioritization of the factors that address relative risk – impact and likelihood. City Prepping describes the many fronts of this insidious war.

  1. Overrun borders (Federal immigration rule of law suspended at the border)
    Unabated, unmitigated invasion of criminals and socialist voters including Islamic terrorists now flooding in from Afghanistan

  2. Unprecedented massive deficit spending
    Exponential, soaring debt ($30T) brings inability to pay interest ever closer and total collapse of American economics (a.k.a., bankruptcy)

  3. Government power used to instill fear, mandate masks and vaccination
    Overrides Constitution and softens Americans toward Marxism

  4. Marxist battle areas are 1) 66% → 100% mayors, 2) 50% → 100% governors, and 3) Supreme Court Watch the push for non-citizen voting as open borders are overrun.

  5. Gender insanity pushed by media, education, government, and medical institutions.


  1. Factions hate America and desire its destruction. Factions specifically hate “Whites” and are methodically working to erase their history and influence. In the process, open borders, $2.3T deficit spending (, riots, reduction of oil production, gender confusion, and reduced law enforcement are destroying America. Small businesses were destroyed by excessive lockdowns during the pandemic.

  2. Coordinated riots across the nation – BLM, Antifa, and Climate Advocates

  3. Social media, movies, and news manipulation.

  4. Defund police with the intent to increase crime (destroy America)

  5. Unprecedented massive deficit spending and taxing

  6. Employment

  7. Permanent Democrat power in every branch and every level

  8. 1st Amendment Violations

  9. 2nd Amendment Violations

  10. Federal immigration rule of law suspended at the border

  11. Fabricated crises – real and imagined.

  12. Shortages across the nation combine for disaster

  13. Surveillance.

  14. New vocabulary to confuse and deceive.
    woke, critical race theory, cancel culture, gender pronouns
    Federal, State, and City governments cultivating hatred toward Whites. There will be a tipping point where the general public will turn on White, Asian, and Jewish with the full support of government. Be prepared to defend or die. Medical care will be denied.

  15. Hijacking education and military with “woke” philosophy.

  16. Socialism – a step toward Communism
    It’s Just a Mask –
    Marxists often refer to socialism as the first, necessary phase on the way from capitalism to communism. Marx and Engels themselves didn’t consistently or clearly differentiate communism from socialism, which helped ensure
    lasting confusion between the two terms.

  17. Gender insanity.

  1. President chosen for his dementia.

  2. Foreign policy intended to reward terrorists and infiltrate the mainland

Comedy appears to be an effective means of exposing the chaos and insanity.

US Currency & Crypto

Hints of FDIC hostile takeover. Radical Marxist agenda surfaces first thing in the new year. Implications are numerous. Panem et circenses. Without a guarantee on deposits, there will be a run on the banks just like 1929. The Dec 15, 2021 WSJ article is “subscription only” so her resignation Dec 31 is the first we hear about the takeover. Who will get what money is left when the banks close? There are not enough funds in the system to cover all deposits so the system relies on public trust to keep money in the bank. Feds could print more money to cover all withdrawn deposits but that accelerates inflation and ultimately a currency replacement. Soon after banks close to prevent total collapse, Feds take possession of all bank assets in a “precautionary” action much like COVID-19 on Mar 13, 2020. This will be an “emergency,” so they know they can get away with it. Possession of financial assets will accomplish two things. 1) The final step to control conservatives. 2) Instant budget for the Marxist agenda. Peasants receive minimal income to tide them over during the “emergency” though in reality, it will be indefinite like the pandemic and its variants. A chip implant will allow direct distribution of funds and anyone refusing the chip (like the vaccine) will not be able to buy or sell. Who would have thought the government could extend an “emergency” for 2+ years? This will be akin to a World War where all assets were confiscated for the “war effort.” Automobile production was diverted to war materials during WWII. Today, automobile production will cease – to appease the god of climate change. During the gasoline "crisis" in the 1970s, gasoline was rationed and national speed limit reduced to 55 mph.  The "crisis" of 2022 will prohibit combustion engines on all roads. Docudrama Earth Emergency was on PBS Jan 2. I forget whether it’s global warming or new ice age that will destroy the earth.

Keep a supply of cash on hand
Invest in cryptocurrency
Have items for bartering – food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, ammo, etc
◦ 4WD or motorcycles for transportation

It's not just the USA. 

POLICE STATE: Australians Mass Protest After Churches Raided, Moms Arrested, Citizen Snitches



Throughout the disintegration, maintain love of God, family, friends, and activities while preparing for long term disaster. MAGA and enjoy the final 25 years should I live to 90.